Welcome to Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School


Welcome to the
Traditional Tai Chi School

We are a traditional tai chi school in china, based in the beautiful area of Yangshuo, Guangxi province, China. Our school is in a genuine Qing dynasty house in a small farming village at the entrance to the famous Yu-long scenic area. We offer training to all levels of students from those wishing to take there first steps into learning Tai Chi with no previous knowledge. And those looking for a chance to refine and study under true Tai chi masters in China in a traditional old school environment.

Why practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi has the greatest longevity of all the Chinese martial arts. Fighting techniques like Kung Fu aim to develop the body’s external power for attack. Tai Chi on the contrary seeks to develop the body’s internal power, balance, and resilience. Consequently, Tai Chi can be practiced at any age and is recognized for its value in developing and maintaining overall physical health. At the same time, the graceful and aesthetic quality of Tai Chi movements are mentally pleasing, enhancing self-awareness and promoting a better integration of mind and body.

Why learn Tai Chi in China?

Although Tai Chi is now practiced world wide, China remains its heart. It is in China that you will find the most skilled Tai Chi masters, and those most grounded in its theory and philosophy. By learning Tai Chi in China, you will not only be “drinking at the source”, you will have the opportunity to discover the beauty and fascination of a thousands-year old culture and people. Our school is situated in the heart of one of China’s most spectacularly beautiful regions,in a calm village close to the lively town of Yangshuo.

Why come to the Traditional Tai Chi School ?

Our school’s two co-founders, Wu YuPing and Wu Hengdong, are not only Tai Chi masters with a profound knowledge of their art, they are also deeply committed to their students’ day-to-day training and constantly seek to improve their teaching methods. The school is specialized in teaching Chen style Tai Chi combined with Qi Gong techniques of relaxation and meditation. The school’s small size makes it possible for the masters to give a maximum of individual attention to their students.

What kind of tuition is right for you?

Our students are of all ages, and of different levels of experience. Our aim is to make our training adaptable to you as a person, taking into account your timetable, experience, and goals.