Getting to the Tai Chi School

Reaching Us

The first steps in getting to us

Our School is situated in Jima Village just inside the Yulong Ecological Park, and about  3km from the center of Yangshuo.

Especially if this is your first visit, and you are arriving by plane or train, you may prefer us to organise a pick-up by taxi at your point of arrival. The cost of a taxi from Guilin airport or Yangshuo train station will be about 320CNY.

Find us on the map

Yangshuo Traditional Tai Chi School
88 Jima Village.
Guilin, China.

+86 15295920102 (Ping)
+86 13635141507 (Kim)

By plane

The nearest airport to Yangshuo is Guilin Liangjiang International Airport (KWL). There are regular express shuttle buses from the airport to the main bus station in downtown Yangshuo (price about 50CNY).

See Wikipedia for details of airlines serving Guilin Liangjiang.
See the Guilin travel site for details of shuttle buses from the airport to Yangshuo.

By train

Yangshuo now has its own high-speed rail station, with trains from Shenzhen North, Guangzhou South, and Guilin North amongst others.

The station is about 22 km outside the town near the village of Xingping; there is a regular shuttle service (price about 20CNY) to Yangshuo which terminates at its own bus station near Shima Yuanpan in Kangzhan Road, about 10 minutes walk away from the main bus station.

See the China Travel Guide for details of Yangshuo station and shuttle services.

By bus

Yangshuo is also served by long-distance buses, which arrive at the main bus station.

By taxi

Airport and train shuttle buses, and long-distance buses, all terminate in downtown Yangshuo; from here you can easily get a taxi to the Ecological Park. The cost should be about 30CNY.

If you’re not confident speaking Chinese then show this to your driver :

Please take me to The Traditional Tai Chi School in Jima Village

请带我去骥马村- 太极拳学校

Bike / Walk

If you are already staying in Yangshuo, then it is an easy and agreeable walk or bike ride out to the village (an easy 20 minutes by bike, about an hour’s walk).

From West Street take  Pantao Road towards Guilin. As you leave the town center you will see a petrol station up ahead. Turn left down Longyue Road at the traffic lights before the petrol station (there is a police station on the corner). You will quickly come to a large cross-roads with a set of traffic lights. Once the lights are green, head straight across and continue on Longyue Road out of Yangshuo and towards Jima; at the fork in the road next to a hotel, keep to the right. Just before you reach Jima you will pass under a large arch which is the entrance to the Ecological Park. Once through this Jima is the next village you will come to. The school is near the end of the village, just keep going on the main road through the village and as you come to the end you will see signs on your Left and a large poster on the right. Turn left up the alley and you will see the school’s main building at the end of the alley.

By boat

It is even possible to come to Yangshuo by cruise boat down the Li River from Guilin! Thisis a 4-5 hour trip through stunning mountain and river scenery. Not surprisingly, cruise ships are very popular so you usually need to book well in advance.

See the China TravelGuide for details.