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What you can learn in our school...

Basic skills

Qi Gong & meditation

Taichi forms

Taichi Weapons

Taichi Push hands

Shaolin Kung Fu

Level 1
Short term
(less than 1 month)
Basic skills Qi Gong Taichi 18 form Taichi 24 form Taichi 74 form
Level 2
Monthly lessons
Basic skills Qi Gong Taichi 18 form Taichi 24 form Taichi 74 form Taichi Weapons
Level 3
6 months
Basic skills Qi Gong Taichi 18 form Taichi 24 form Taichi 74 form Taichi Weapons Taichi Push Hands
Level 4
1 year or more
Taichi Instructor training

Instructor programs

To obtain an instructor level, you need to train at least 6 months full time in our school.

Please, be aware that the fact that you train 6 months or more, doesn't necessary make you an instructor. You need to train hard, understand the movements as well as the principles and philosophy of taichi.

6 months equals 480 hours of training. We strongly advice you to practice the movements you learned by yourself as well. It doesn't take long to learn the movements, but it takes a long time to integrate them and adjust your breathing and internal energy.

There are 4 certificated instructor levels :

  • Basic level (6 months *)
  • Intermediate level (12 months *)
  • Advanced level (18 months *)
  • Main instructor (24 months *)

*  This is an approximate indication of the minimum amount of time required. Everything depends on the student's motivation, skills and training.

The schedule and prices given here are for training in the school

Lessons (private or group) can be given elsewhere close to Yangshuo, but need to be organized in advance.

Full Time
Part Time
1 week (weekdays) 1840 rmb 1390 rmb
1 week (weekdays + saturdays) 2040 rmb 1490 rmb
4 weeks (weekdays) 6200 rmb 4400 rmb
8 weeks (weekdays) 12200 rmb 8700 rmb
12 weeks (weekdays) 18000 rmb 12900 rmb
.. .. ..
48 weeks (weekdays) 61000 rmb 46000 rmb

Lesson schedule (lessons from Monday till Friday)
8:00 - 9:00 Breakfast
9:30 - 11:30 Morning training
12:00 - 12:30 Lunch
15:00 - 17:00 Afternoon training
18:00 - 19:00 Dinner


  • All the prices include accommodation and food.
  • It is possible to start your training any weekday, upon arrival.
  • During weekends, if you would like extra lessons to speed up your training, we charge 80 rmb per hour for group class, 200 rmb per hour for one-on-one classes.