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Our school's Taichi masters

Wu Heng Dong (Kim)

Wu Heng Dong (Kim) has been practicing martial arts since his childhood. He got a First Degree Wushu and Boxing Coach certificate of China and was head coach of Guangxi Eastern Wushu College and Guangxi Hua Lian Wushu School. He teaches Chen Style Tai Chi, Pushing Hands and weapons. He also teaches Southern Style Shaolin Kung Fu.

He has been awarded 4 gold medals at competitions and has received favorable comments by his master and students. His Tai Chi career has been highlighted on CCTV International, GXTV Life and the Guangxi Life Paper.

Wu YuPing (Ping)

Wu Yu Ping ( Master Ping ) from Guangdong province, Jieyang city, China. He is a level 6 taichi Master, and Joint head and Co-founder of Yangshuo Traditional taichi School. Wu Yu Ping focuses mainly on: taichi and qigong.
“When I was young I loved martial arts ,I started at 9 years old. I have been practicing, primarily Taichi, for 20 years; I leaned the whole of chen style - forms, push hands, weapons and theory - from Master Lin JianXing . Later I learned from Masters Wang FuJing, Wang LaiQin and Wu MingQiang in order to deepen my understanding of taichi.”
It takes a long time in order to achieve an understanding of the essence of taichi. In order to further improve, Wu Yu Ping often travels in order to study and share with different masters and taichi practitioners. He has entered many competitions, and has won 18 gold medals. He is also proud to have received a certificate of excellence in coaching, from Guangdong sports center; due to his students’ success in competition.

Li Jinwei (Ah Wei)

Born in June 1986, Fang Cheng Gang City, Guangxi, he graduated from the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering School in Qinzhou. He is level 4 in Chinese Wushu.
Also he has won four first prizes in traditional martial arts Tai Chi competitions.
Currently, he is teaching at the Yangshuo Traditional Taijiquan school, expert in Chen-style Taijiquan.