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Chinese Language Courses

Learn Chinese in Yangshuo

Learn Chinese with Omeida Chinese Academy (www.omeidachinese.com) (partner of Yangshuo Traditional Taichi School), a professional and reputable Language school in Yangshuo either in the mornings or afternoons, and practice Taichi with us the other half day. Could there be a more productive way to spend your holidays than learning Chinese and Chinese culture at the same time?

You will not only learn Taichi, but also Chinese language and other Chinese cultures in the meantime. At Omeida you have many opportunity to interact with native Chinese people who are learning English and eager to share experience with you. It’s easy to find people with similar interests with you to be language partners.

Part time Chinese course

If you want to stay longer time in Yangshuo, practice as much as Taichi and learn basic Chinese, Omeida’s Part Time Chinese Course will be the perfect option for you. The Part-time Chinese Course is a 6-month or 1-year program for anyone with a limited budget or limited time. The curriculum is a set program covering the basics of the Mandarin language.

As a part time Chinese student, you will have a minimum of two to a maximum of six,
45 minute long Chinese language lessons per week.

Your course can begin on any Monday, at any time of the year. It will be small classes of 2-4 students. Maximum six students in peak seasons.

Omeida only allow fully qualified teachers with degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language to guide you. Their highly qualified teachers incorporate Western-teaching methods.

  • Learn Chinese language and culture in all immersion environment, interact with native Chinese students as much as possible.
  • Excellent service including Chinese visa assistance, full support and advice for studying and living in Yangshuo.
  • Learn Standard Mandarin with professional and fully qualified teachers.
  • Free Wifi/internet access.
  • A Certificate upon completion of language and Chinese culture training.
  • Chinese language course: 9:25-12:00, or 14:00-16:35 Monday to Friday, lessons on the weekends are also available.
  • Chinese culture lessons: the other half day depending on the activity.
  • Lunch time: 12:00
  • Language Partner conversation: 17:00-18:00
  • Dinner time: 18:00